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Above It All Balloon Company was originally founded by Bill Hodgden, as a sole proprietorship, over twenty five years ago.  In 1996 Bruce and Pam Wood joined Bill through incorporation of the company and began marketing the balloon company within the Aspen and Snowmass areas.  As partners they worked together very well and enjoyed great success as a hot air balloon ride operation.  Bill and Bruce, both Commercial Pilots, handled the flights and care of the equipment while Pam handled the telephones and office.

In 2002, Bill retired, Bruce and Pam bought Bill's shares and became joint owners of Above It All Balloon Company.  The following year Andrew Waner (affectionately known as Cap'n Bubba) joined Bruce and Pam and has been flying balloons in the spectacular Elk Mountain range every Summer for 14 years now.  Cap'n Bubba has flown all over the World and he declares this is the most beautiful place to fly!

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year with Above It All Balloon Co!  Our kids are now 24 and 19 years old!  Please come join us in one of our beautiful balloons this year.  This July we will be launching our newest balloon that can fly 5-7 average size passengers in the Summer, 8 during the Winter.  We are very excited to reveal the balloon soon.  Check out our facebook page to see pictures of our balloons, the area we fly and photos of our balloons in flight.  

The ground crew that handle the balloons work hard ensuring each and every flight launches and lands safely.  They have been trained thoroughly and have experience with balloons and the Aspen/Snowmass area.  Most of the ground crew have been working with Above It All for more than five years.  As a whole, Above It All Balloon Company has had wonderful success; and as individuals they look forward to bringing each of you a grand experience.  They enjoy offering beautiful flights over the scenic Rocky Elk Mountain range of the Aspen and Snowmass areas.  They truly love sharing flights with each passenger, whether it be a first-timer on a special trip, or a repeat customer wanting to relive their experience of  merging with nature.