Why do we fly so early in the morning and can we fly in the afternoon or evening?
The winds are the most stable and predictable within the first few hours after sunrise.  Therefore, this is the safest time of the day to fly balloons.  The winds in the mountains do not allow us to fly in the afternoon or evening.
What if I am afraid of heights?
We have found that most people that are afraid of heights are in fact afraid of the edges (roofs, cliffs, etc.) as opposed to height.  Being in a sturdy basket with plenty of hand holds eliminates this fear for the majority of people.  Most people who have had any initial anxiety have told us it was eliminated almost immediately after becoming airborne.
What should I wear?
The temperature in the morning is usually in the upper 40’s for Summer, but warms up quickly.  We recommend that you dress in layers, according to your own body’s needs.  Winter can be quite chilly and we recommend your ski gear, warm boots, hats, gloves and pocket warmers.
Are the pilots licensed?
Yes, our Pilots are FAA licensed commercial balloon Pilots.  They each attend a Balloon Federation of America accredited safety seminar annually, and have an average of 20 years piloting experience.  

Our highest flight altitude is normally between 1,000 and 2,500 feet above ground level.  But, we depend on the winds for navigation, these altitudes will vary as necessary to find the wind directions and speeds needed to navigate the balloon.  We have several common landing areas 
How many people will be in each balloon
We have a fleet of balloons that  accommodate from as few as two to as many as sixteen passengers.  We will use the appropriate sized balloon to carry the number of passengers scheduled for any given day.
How high do we go and where will we land
What if the weather is bad
The Pilot is the sole decision maker in canceling any flight.  If conditions exist that the Pilot feels are not safe to fly, we will cancel the flight and notify passengers as soon as possible.  When we cancel a flight there is no charge to the passengers.
Are there any age, weight, or health limitations
Yes, we do not fly children under the age of six.  Our balloons have weight limitations; due to this we require each passenger's weight when booking your ride so we may accommodate you and our other passengers accordingly. In regard to our passenger's health we do request that you be in good health.  We do not fly passengers with injuries due to the possibility of a hard landing (although this is rare) which may cause further injury. 
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